Maiden Newton Pre-School

Our Premises                                                                                           

 We operate from within an historic World War II building which has undergone extensive renovation. We have a large, light room with lots of activity areas, including a quiet book corner, and plenty of resources which we change and refresh constantly.

We encourage the children to appreciate the natural environment and spend plenty of enjoyable time outside in the fresh air - we have waterproofs and wellies so we can go out whatever the weather! Thanks to a great deal of hard work, we have a wonderful roomy outdoor garden with space to ride bikes and trikes, use slides and trampolines, play in the big water tray, dig in the sand or earth, go for bug hunts, or simply run and run in!  We have two fruit and vegetable beds which the children help to maintain and therefore learn how to "grow it, cook it, eat it." 

We  also have a quiet, shady resting place outside with books to enjoy, art and craft activities and even practice through play, such vital skills as road safety...

The children can play traditional games such as bat and ball, hopscotch, skipping or skittles and we subtly incorporate numeracy, literacy, turn-taking (social skills),communication and language into many of these activities.

But most of all they are always at liberty to enjoy their favorite games - based entirely on their imaginations! 

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