Maiden Newton Pre-School



we are fundraising hard to be able to move to a new building

Sidney’s Curiosity Shoppe

Are supporting us in our efforts by selling donated items that people bring into their wonderful shop. Do you have any items that you would like to donate to the shop.

Rag Bag scheme

Thank you for your continued support in helping us raise money through your donated clothes, shoes, bags, soft toys, curtains and bed linen, please continue to bring us your bags of linen. 

 Our link with Kenya

we are linked with a Kenya nursery, we are looking at what the children like and do not like about their preschool and the Kenya nursery is asking their children, i am sure there will be many similarities that can be celebrated.

We have created an Africa interest table, which staff, parents and committee members have kindly lent us. The children have shown great interest in all the items and shown great respect for the items



posted by maiden newton pre-school on 18th sept 2012

We made a scarecrow for the harvest festival and displayed it in Cattistock church yard

scarecrow 2012

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